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Looking for the latest, innovative sports products to fill your local branch or chain store?

Are you looking for a particular sports product? We specialise in importing niche sports and fitness brands from around the world

Are you a sports retailer looking for new products for your customers? We distribute a wide range of specialist products to meet the needs of the most dedicated athlete

Are you a manufacturer looking to sell into the UK market? Our considerable promotional experience will ensure that your product reaches the right people at the right price

Latest blog posts

  • How to keep fit while travelling woman-running-e1361583420152 Do you travel with work? Are you frustrated about not exercising when away on business overnight? Would you prefer to keep up with your exercise ...
  • Glitzy gala night launches Ryder Cup in Scotland Ryder Cup Gala Night A sport that prides itself on the quiet focus and determination of players was given a loud and spirited slap-on-the-back this week with a fabulous ...
  • Transalpine ‘sea of RockTape legs’ Transalpine race 2014 We blogged recently about two Scotland-based women who won last minute entries to the infamously tough Transalpine race. The Gore-Tex Transalpine Run takes place annually at ...

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