Fitness is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you are buying your Christmas gifts. However, fitness themed Christmas present is a brilliant way to introduce a friend or family member into the world of fitness. If you want to buy someone a fitness gift but are stuck for ideas take a look at our gift ideas:

1. Detox & hydrated with Clean Bottle  

Fruit infuser in_out GREEN

Check out the revolutionary new water bottle that opens from both ends for easy cleaning. Also available with water filter or fruit infuser

2. Headphones – Miiego

MIIEGO headphones

It’s hard enough finding the right pair of running headphones for your own ears, let alone someone else’s, treat that special someone to the latest award winning wireless headsets.

3. Dark nights safety – Perfect Fitness


Winter runs are exhilarating, but the evening dark also makes parks feel a terrifying level from Limbo. Here to reveal that, no, that tree isn’t a giant spider and, yes, you are about to run into a park bench, is the Perfect Fitness lighting products.

4. For the Gym Goer – Harbinger


Harbinger gloves, belts wraps, authentic, performance-oriented brand for athletes and fitness enthusiasts Harbinger is the brand of choice for athletes serious about their training and achieving their personal fitness goals.

5. For the Rugby Player – Passback

Passback rugby

Introducing the new Passback Rugby Ball, the world’s only rugby ball that rebounds and spirals back to the passer, used for training, practice, and play.

6. Crossfitter – Titin


Meet the world’s only weighted compression gear. This patented form fitting 14-pocket shirt locks 8 pounds of Hydro-gel inserts evenly to load your upper body, while the fast-wicking outer compression shirt completes the set

7. Luxury Recovery –  HyperIce & Hypersphere.


Used by the world’s most elite athletes, The VYPER is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device/roller that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body’s overall performance.

8. Grid Mini – TriggerPoint

Grid Mini TriggerPoint

At 5″ tall by 5.5″ diameter, The GRID™ Mini is the most travel friendly foam roller on the market. Featuring Matrix Technology and Distrodensity™ Zones, it provides a unique targeted massage to increase circulation and help maintain flexibility

9.Winter Safety – Yaktrax 


Yaktrax Walk is a lightweight and easy to use ice-traction device. Perfect for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly, the Walk provides greater stability while walking on snow or ice. The Yaktrax Walk reduces the risk of falls and injuries while walking to school, work, or just to the mailbox!

10. Stay Warm : Cabin Socks

Cabin socks

Aloe infused socks for extra comfort. Keep your feet warm and toasty

11. GRID STK – TriggerPoint


Get off the floor! The world’s first hand-held foam rollers wrapped in GRID® 3-dimensional surface channels nutrients directly to the tissue for health and mobility. Available in two densities (regular and extra-firm “X”).

12. TriggerPoint Starter Pack

starter kit

For the more dedicated sports person and athlete unlock their body with the first of the TriggerPoint Range. The essential building blocks leading on from the Grids this kit includes the TP Massage Ball, Footballer, and Baller Block.