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How Effective Is a Trigger Point Ball?

We talk to Willum Ogden, a qualified sports and massage therapist, about using the BLACKROLL® Balls and using them to target knots and tight spots. I’m sure you have heard the old, ‘sit on a cricket ball’, ‘use half a tennis ball’ but what does that do? The theory behind the concept is that it […]

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BLACKROLL Join The Salomon Sunset Series

BLACKROLL® is excited to be joining the Salomon Sunset Series this summer, starting in Leeds at the beautiful Harewood Estate. Escape the city pavements and enjoy the beauty of the trails at sunset in this spectacular setting. For more information about each of the events, visit the website: www.salomonsunsetseries.co.uk

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Getting Back to Football Fitness

    BLACKROLL supported athlete Gemma Shepherd plays for Charlton Ladies Football Club, currently 3rd in the Southern Division Premier League. Following a recent injury and hip operation, Gemma and her Physiotherapist Gary Faber give us an insight into her recovery and advice on how to get back to full football fitness. 1. Can you […]

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ROCKTAPE Golden Rules for Application

ROCKTAPE share their Golden Rules for applying kinesiology tape to help you recover better and faster from injury. Only apply the tape to clean, dry skin and shave the area if needed – hairy legs are not helpful! Always round the ends off once you cut from the roll. Place on the skin with no […]

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