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Stop slipping on icy pavements! There is no better way to prevent accidents caused by slips and falls on ice. Yaktrax, “named after the Tibetan yak”, are light-weight ice grips worn over your regular walking shoes, winter boots, jogging or running shoes when walking on packed snow and ice in winter. Everyone on ice treads carefully but it isn’t always enough. Accidents on ice & snow are common in winter and even the best winter boots or walking shoes need extra ice gripping power. Running and jogging shoes offer little grip on ice snow but with Yaktrax Walker or Yaktrax Pro you carry on running or jogging in winter as you would the rest of the year. Many elderly people become effectively housebound in icy conditions through fear of accidents. Yaktrax is a simple device that can be put on over their existing shoes or boots to give a safe grip on icy pavements. Anyone who has to walk on icy pavements is at risk of slipping and falling on ice. Yaktrax are the perfect gift for the keen jogger, commuter, outdoor workers, dog owners, the elderly and indeed anyone who has to or wants or needs to walk on icy pavements as easily as they would under normal conditions.

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