Adam Walne is a professional Prop Forward, playing for Salford Devils RLFC as part of the Super League. Suffering from a recent ligament rugby injury, Adam’s been using BLACKROLL and Supacore Compression as part of his move back to full fitness. He talks to us about his recovery back to the pitch.

Can you tell us about the Red Devils and how long you’ve been a part of the team?

Salford Red Devils are part of the Super League and based in Salford Greater Manchester. The club’s been around since 1873. I have been at Salford since I was 15 and progressed through the set up there making my first team debut at 21 against Wigan away I remember that day very well.

You’ve recently come back from a rugby injury – what did you sustain and how have you approached your recovery?

Things have gone very well personally this year except from picking up an ankle ligament injury mid season. I am back playing now and the way I approached recovery was to give the ankle time to rest, settle and start to heal. My rehab started with developing my range of motion as well as lots of strength and balance work. Eventually, I then returned to running followed by a change of direction and agility drills. Lastly, I came back full training and contact work to be ready to play.

What does a weekly training schedule look like for a professional rugby player?

A weekly rugby league player’s schedule varies on the time of the year and which stage of the season we are at, obviously pre-season involves lots of volume with longer sessions out on the field and covering more distance with lots of weights and wrestle work. During the season things lighten up with everything building towards the game day that week, in season we will still be in the gym 2 to 3 times a week and have 3 team field sessions.

As well as physical training, how do you approach your nutrition for a game? Do you have any pre-match routines?

Nutrition is massive in any sport, as a rugby player you need to make sure you get enough calories and the right nutrients so that you are recovering from games and in between sessions. With the addition of impact, this becomes even more crucial. Personally leading up to a game starting 2 days before I try to make sure I’m take on healthy carbohydrates with each meal.

What products have you been using for recovery and can you tell us what you think of them? How have they helped in your comeback?

With recovery being so important you are always looking for an edge and new products to assist, recently I have started to use the BLACKROLL products to loosen up my muscles and find those tight spots that can lead to injuries later down the line. Also I have always been a big fan of compression garments but they all vary in quality. I have found that are working really well for me in my recovery is Supacore, an Australian brand that have recently became available in the UK. As it’s medically certified as well as with graded compression, it’s had a big impact on the recovery from my rugby injury. I’ve used the CORETECH for post-game wear and using the training shorts during play. As well as training itself, I’ve always found compression makes a real difference to performance and preventing rugby injury; that’s the reason I always use them throughout the week to support my training and recovery.

Who’s your favourite all time player?

My favourite all time player, I’d have to say is Adrian Morley and the fact I got to play along side him at his time with Salford was awesome.

Do you play any other sports aside from rugby?

Sports outside of rugby, I don’t play any sport as such, but I like to have a throw around on the basketball court if I get chance! I used to play in my high school team when I was younger.

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