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What’s the Difference Between HYPERICE VYPER and VYPER 2.0?

What’s the Difference Between the VYPER and the VYPER 2.0?

The Vyper 2.0 is the next generation of the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller, the VYPER. The latest innovation by Hyperice is now stronger, sleeker, and even more durable. As Hyperice continues to innovate and design, we continue to set the bar, superseding our own advancements. The VYPER and VYPER 2.0 are both powered by the same lithium-ion battery, high quality motor, providing superior amplitude and vibration for deep muscle activation When comparing the VYPER to VYPER 2.0, it comes down to exterior sophisticated design and power efficiency.


The VYPER is made from polypropylene, with an exterior rugged design intended to go deeper into the muscle. For most athletes, who use a very firm roller or pvc pipe to roll out, the VYPER is ideal. However, after some feedback from our customers, athletes, teams, trainers, physical therapists and chiros, we were asked:
  can you make a smooth roller, with similar density to the black VYPER 1. The answer was yes, but we didn’t stop there.
We wanted to provide the world’s first dual zoned smooth and grooved roller. With the world’s most powerful vibration core, the VYPER and VYPER 2.0 are proven to improve range of motion up to 40%.


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