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Five Minutes with Cori Williams: Cardiff City LFC

Cori Williams plays for Cardiff City LFC, part of the Women’s Premier League. Having suffered injuries during the season playing as midfielder, she’s been using both BLACKROLL and RockTape to get her back to form. We take five minutes to chat to her about the changes in women’s football, coming back from an ACL operation as well as finding out what her training entails.

How did you get into women’s football and how have you seen it change in the last number of years?

I first took up women’s football when I was around 6 years old as my Uncle managed the local boys team and I was always with my cousins, so I joined in and fell in love with it from then on. Women’s football is growing everyday from grassroots to elite and that’s always good to see.

What do love so much about the game and what you would say to women looking to get involved?

I love being part of a team, having your friends with you doing what you love. All sports keep you healthy and most importantly for me,  I think playing a sport gives you life skills that are vital. My words of advice would be – just go for it, if you feel you want to join a club or a team give it try as it was the best thing I have ever done.

What is a typical training week for you?

For a typical training week I prefer to start with a recovery session on a Monday if I’ve played the day before. If not, I’ll likely go for a run. I go to the gym and have Cardiff City LFC training in a Tuesday. On a Wednesday, I’ll perhaps practice shooting – but only if the weather isn’t too terrible! Thursday is a club training session again. By Friday I’ll either go to the gym or head out for a run, depended on whether we’re playing a game at the weekend. Saturday is my day off to rest and then Sunday is match day.

You are currently sitting in 3rd in the Southern Premier League – how do you feel about the season ahead and getting to the top spot?

The season so far for me personally has been a good one. As a team we have had ups and downs as most teams do within a season. We have 6 games left now and we know what is needed from us as a group of players – we are going to do all we can, to meet those goals.

The FA have just announced a new strategy called The Game Plan for Growth, which will aim to double the current participation by 2020. What are your thoughts on this?

The FA have put a lot of money into growing the women’s game and over the last few years, especially with the England women’s team doing so well at the World Cup, which has certainly had a massive effect on grassroots football participation. With the money they are putting into women’s football and the efforts of everyone involved I’m confident it’s going to get even better as the years go on.

You’ve been recovering from injury – can you tell us more about it and how you are coming back to full fitness?

In June 2015 I torn my ACL in my left knee and underwent surgery shortly after. My recovery was around 10 months long before I could try and start playing again. As a result, I missed almost all of last season sadly. It’s a tough recovery process as you need to teach yourself how to walk again how to run again; the basics that everyone takes for granted. I am now 18 months post op and feeling happy with how my knee is progressing. I still do both recovery and strength sessions to keep my knee strong and in a good stable condition.

How has BLACKROLL and RockTape helped in that process?

BLACKROLL has helped me out so much of the last couple of months. With training so often throughout the week, it helps keep my muscles ready and feeling fresh for the next training session. Rolling works for both recovery and for pre game activation, so it’s been a good warm up tool as well as one to help me post match.

How do you balance life training and playing for a Premier League team with normal working life?

It’s hard it is! But it’s the same for most female footballers – there are not many who don’t have to work. You just need to keep time free for your training when you can and make sure you don’t miss a session.

Who is your favourite all-time player and why?

If I was to choose a women footballer it would be Kelly Smith. Growing up she was always in the public eye. She conducted herself very well as a professional as well as being an amazing goal scorer!

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