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RockTape supports runner to 3,100-mile record

You might imagine that a runner who has recently achieved one of the world’s ultimate long-distance challenges would have a few secret training tips up his sleeve. Certainly William Sichel does. For Sichel, who lives on the small Orkney island of Sanday, has broken many ultra-distance running records and this month completed the Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile Race. On August 5, the extraordinary 60-year-old athlete crossed the finish line of the gruelling race in line 50 days and 15 hours. He ran into the record books as the first Scot and runner over 60 to ever do so. Rather than stop there, Sichel ran on for another 12km to complete a full 5,000kms. To put this feat in perspective, the Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile Race started on June 15. Every day Sichel ran an average of more than 60 miles around a .5488 mile (883m) lap in the heart of Queens, a district of New York. It was the same lap, time after time, and for months, day after day, until he completed an incredible 5,649 laps (and 3,100 miles) in total. Training tips of an ultra distance runner Nutrition: Sichel worked out a decade ago that a high carbs, low fat diet doesn’t work for him. He swapped it around and now eats high fat and less carbs as a rule. During races he prefers to fuel himself on ice cream and coffee with double cream instead of milk. He says: “I am extraordinarily adapted for fat burning, requiring tiny amounts of energy (less than 100kcals/hr) and fluid to produce optimum performance in long ultras.” Running: He lives on an island that is only 15 miles long. Training runs would be a tedious out and back repeated many times. So Sichel runs with a weights vest. He currently runs with a vest weighing 20kg. Heat and exhaustion: Many of the races that Sichel runs are in warm places. The 3,100 Mile Race was in hot and humid conditions. So William trains on a treadmill in a specially heated room at his house. 

Injury prevention: Sichel uses RockTape to support any functional problems especially during races where he needs to keep going and can’t wait for something to heal up.

He says: “In the recent 3100 Mile race in New York, which took me 50 days, I used RockTape in week three when I developed a calf strain, in week four when a sore shin came on and in the later stages when I had sore hips.

“Each time the RockTape allowed the affected areas to rest and recover whilst I kept running. The RockTape took the strain.”

He uses RockTape over other kinesiology tapes because he has found it to be the “best of its kind”. He says: “RockTape has just the right amount of strength and stretch to support the ligaments, tendons and muscles concerned.” More about the 3100 Mile Race The conditions for the summer race were not favourable for a Scot who is more familiar with the cooler temperatures, rain and wind of a northern UK island. In New York, the temperature was 30C on average with a humidity of more than 90%. The course is open from 6am to midnight every day and Sichel slept less than six hours every 24 hours. He managed four hours 45 minutes sleep each night and another hour half way through the day. After completing the Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile Race, Sichel said: “I am delighted with what I have achieved but it was extremely tough. “It was hard physically, of course, but mentally it was very, very challenging. Every morning I had to say a mantra over and over to myself: ‘You can do this, you can do this.’ Every lap I told myself just to get through the lap. That one lap. “I had never experienced the possibility of being bored before in any other event. This time I did. So I had to lock my mind down and think only of each individual lap because if I thought about the whole thing I would never have made it. “This race is epic. But I have finished it and few other people can say that, especially not at my age and in Britain.” 

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