MYOVOLT™ is the World’s first Wearable Vibration Therapy for Sports. Technology to help you Perform Better, Move Easier, & Recover Faster

• Reduce muscle pain & stiffness
• Relieve muscle soreness and Recover Faster after training
• Warm-up and relax muscles or ligaments
• Increase Flexibility & Range of Motion
• Increase circulation & blood flow
• Boost muscle power
• Clinically proven technology

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COMING SOON The Arm PRO-WRAP is a premium ergonomic garment designed to hold the MYOVOLT™ PRO MODULE or CORE MODULE on the upper arm, lower arm or wrist. Constructed of premium neoprene with full surface plush loop technology for tension fastening at any location. Silicone locking ports allow the module to be positioned at various orientations to focus on the targeted treatment areas. *Pro-Wrap designed Myovolt treatment of upper arm, lower arm or wrist *4-way stretch, 3-layer neoprene *silicone locking ports *plush loop fabric fastening system *machine washable *works with both MYOVOLT™ PRO MODULE or CORE MODULE (not included)

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Dimensions 19 x 15 x 2 cm


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