Compression is a common word amongst athletes and increasingly of interest for recovery. Within the UK, there has been a rapid rise in the number of people taking part in sport. Sport England’s figures show that as of September 2016, there were 16 million participants involved in a range of activities including swimming, cycling and athletics as well as team sports such as rugby and football.


So with the growing numbers training hard for their respective sports, so too is the risk of injury. Whether you’re running 5km or 500km, taking care of your body and mind is a vital element to success. Compression has been a popular topic but with a large number of brands on the market, what’s the difference?

Supacore compression clothing has reached the shores of the UK and is the only compression brand on the market to have a medical grading.

Why Use Supacore Compression



  1. Using compression, you activate the muscles and stimulate blood flow more effectively. If more blood is moving around the body, there’s an increased opportunity for recovery, as oxygen flows more readily.


  3. Supacore has seamless technology, meaning it’s both comfortable to wear and you gain the full benefit of compression, which is lost in other garments that do use seams.


  5. Supacore is the only brand to have a TGA grading. The Therapeutic Goods Association list Supacore as a medical device, so it’s not just a fashion item.


  7. Supacore also used CORETECH Technology, which replicates the benefits of a sacroiliac belt, but instead as a wearable piece of clothing.  As such, you’re more likely to use it and recovery faster. For common core related issues such as Osteitis Pubis, this technology provides the support to help strengthen a weak core.

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