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STK It to the slopes

The Ski season is fast approaching and whether you have already hit the gym to prepare or not, most skiers will suffer from some sort of muscles soreness, throughout their holiday. No matter whether you are a seasoned pro or novice, Skiing is a physically intensive sport using numerous muscles, joints and tendons, particularly those in your feet, legs and back, leaving most of us heading to the slopes after day 1, walking like a penguin. So to ensure that you’re ready for first chair from day 2 onwards, get to work with the New Grid STK. This compact, light travel-ready self-massage tool will release lactic acid and restore muscle tissue which will leave you waking the next morning fresh and ready to hit the slopes.

Try out these great techniques & Releases on the new GRID STK 

  • 4 slow rolls – Hold both handles; slowly move the STK up and down the body part.
  • 4  pivots –   Pin the STK onto the muscle and pivot the STK right to left
  • Slow drag – Grip the handles and the roller firm, keep in contact with skin and drag up the muscle
  • Using the unique AcuGRIP handle. Press the hooked side into a sore spot and apply pressure for 20 – 30 seconds.

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