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Triathlete Finlay McAndrew is set to go pro

Athlete Finlay McAndrew admits that he may be “doing things the wrong way round”. For the 24-year-old started his sporting career playing the “older man’s” games of golf and Ironman. But is seems the young triathlete has potential way beyond his years. Finlay, of Edinburgh, says: “I guess that golf is usually something you would […]

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GB Water skiing youngsters: Going from strength to strength

Things have been changing lake-side with the British Water Ski & Wakeboard Talent Squad. Gone are the days when the Under 21 water skiers and wake boarders hung around off the water looking exhausted and “kind of slumped”. These days, the guys and girls are making active use of their pre and post-ride time to become […]

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Clean Bottle

Kit review: Clean Bottle

  It’s such an obvious solution but it took someone clever to work out how to make a sports bottle that could be opened at both ends. Actually, Clean Bottle did take a while (three years, four factories, 54 prototypes and two patent applications to be exact) to design, create and take their innovation to […]

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The rise and rise of cycling sportives

Fiona Russell reveals the increasingly popularity of cycling sportives in Scotland and explains why they are a great choice for all kinds of riders. Cycling out of the remote north-west Highlands village of Kinlochewe, my stomach does butterfly jumps as I think about the 90 miles of hills ahead in the Bealach Mor Cycle Sportive. […]

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Kit review: The Grid™ – Foam Roller

Most runners, cyclists, weightlifters and walkers have a love-hate relationship with their iliotibial band (better known as the IT band). Without the IT band, humans would be incapable of forwards and backwards motion because it’s this band of fascia, which runs down the outside of the leg from the pelvis to just below the knee, […]

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