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What You Need to Know About Myofascial Release 

WHAT IS MYOFASCIAL RELEASE? Myofascial Release has become an increasingly common form of massage treatment across the world, but do you really know what it is?  Here we reveal some key fact about the effective sports injury treatment.   Fascia is a thin, elastic type of connective tissue that supports the human body, including muscle, […]

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Tips for ski holiday fitness

There is no doubt that you’ll get so much more from a skiing holiday if you are fit and strong before you go. If not, you might easily end up feeling too tired and sore to ski for hours every day, which is a waste when you have paid to enjoy a skiing holiday.

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Kit review: The Grid™ – Foam Roller

Most runners, cyclists, weightlifters and walkers have a love-hate relationship with their iliotibial band (better known as the IT band). Without the IT band, humans would be incapable of forwards and backwards motion because it’s this band of fascia, which runs down the outside of the leg from the pelvis to just below the knee, […]

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