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Preventing Osteitis Pubis and Common Football Injuries

Osteitis Pubis (OP) is a condition caused by repetitive stress to muscles that attach in the groin area, causing pain with simple daily movements and activities over the pelvis, hip and groin. Depending on where you live, the condition can also be referred to as Gilmore’s Groin, Groin Disruption, Inguinal Disruption, Sportsman’s Groin, Sportsman’s Hernia, […]

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Pregnancy and Sports Injury:Tackling Osteitis Pubis

  Kate Pearson is a personal trainer, mother and endurance athlete who suffers from the painful and disruptive condition called Osteitis Pubis, a common problem for athletes and pregnant women. Kate has been using Supacore CORETECH tights to help combat her injury and she talks to us about her diagnosis, racing and how swimming is keeping […]

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