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Stretching for cyclists

Time to Ride: Top Stretches for Cyclists

Recovery and stretching are key to making sure you’re fit and flexible to get back in the saddle. Make the most of your riding time with our advice on stretching for cyclists. Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise and so it is a great way to lose weight and keep our hearts and bodies in […]

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Mobility for Martial Arts. 

We all have unique, individual training needs based on our own fitness and ability. For some it the ability to be able to move just for day to day tasks, others it’s for our leisure activities with friends through to competitive athletes.  Posture and mobility are a habit and due to our daily activities whether […]

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Do you suffer from Back Pain?

The Double massage ball is an excellent means of reducing tension, relieving aches and improving circulation. The balls offer a simple and pleasant method of self-massage that can be done any time, at home or work. These exercises are designed to reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility of specific joints and muscles. Simply place the […]

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What is a trigger point?

People talk about trigger points all the time. We hear this from sports therapists, physios, masseurs, chiropractors and those selling foam rollers and massage balls. But what is a trigger point?

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Off Piste Performance

Are you heading to the slopes this year or just wanting to survive the winter weather.  Well preparation is the key. Check out our Top products to keep warm and supple on and off the Piste. Grid Roller mini – Ideal for rolling out your muscles after a hard day on the slopes! Keep those […]

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How to utilise Grid in Gym Environment?

Are you a gym chain or club looking for a Gym Floor solution for injury prevention that will keep your members coming back each week? Then we have the solution for you with TriggerPoint Foam Rollers. These products are designed to work on Self Myofascial Release for Pre-gen and Re-gen to keep your members body […]

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