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When to use hot or cold therapy for injuries

There are numerous products on the market for hot and cold injury and pain therapies but do you know when to use them?   Put simply, heat and cold can be used as effective and useful non-invasive and non-addictive pain-relief therapies for muscle and joint pain.   In general, a new injury will cause inflammation […]

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Rocktape kinesiology tape

What do we know about the effects of kinesiology tape?

The bright colours of kinesiology tape can be spotted everywhere. You will see it at gyms, in pools, at running races, on football pitches and at tennis matches, among many other sporting arenas. The tape, RockTape specifically, adorns the legs of international footballer Gareth Bales, the back of tennis star Novak Djokovic and has been […]

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Five mountain biking injuries and how to treat them

Scotland is a Mecca for mountain bikers with great trail centres, including Glentress and Fort William, as well as many miles of country and remote singletrack. The popularity of the sport keeps on growing and there are now a multitude of disciplines within the MTB genre, including x-country, enduro, downhill, cyclocross and even fat biking. […]

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Aga Radwanska

Play tennis like the pros

  One of the world’s top tennis tournaments, Wimbledon, starts this week on June 23. Hundreds of thousands of viewers will be glued to the TV – or live play if you are lucky enough to have tickets – keeping tabs on the world’s top tennis players. If you’re a tennis player you might also […]

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Kit review: The Grid™ – Foam Roller

Most runners, cyclists, weightlifters and walkers have a love-hate relationship with their iliotibial band (better known as the IT band). Without the IT band, humans would be incapable of forwards and backwards motion because it’s this band of fascia, which runs down the outside of the leg from the pelvis to just below the knee, […]

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Run faster, longer and without injury

• Unlock your body • Release your strength • Learn injury-free secrets • Workout at home  For weeks, months and even years, your running remains on track and injury free. But then, suddenly, you feel a niggle, a sharp pain or an annoying ache that just won’t go away. So you head to the physio […]

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