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Foam roller put to test on cycling holiday

I was afraid that my lack of training in the run up to a cycling holiday in Mallorca would be a disaster. I worried I would not manage multiple days in the saddle and that my legs would be in tatters after only one ride. But I thought this would be a good opportunity to […]

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STK It to the slopes

The Ski season is fast approaching and whether you have already hit the gym to prepare or not, most skiers will suffer from some sort of muscles soreness, throughout their holiday. No matter whether you are a seasoned pro or novice, Skiing is a physically intensive sport using numerous muscles, joints and tendons, particularly those […]

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What is the new GRID® STK?

Most people are now familiar with foam rollers and the general concept of rolling out muscles. It’s been shown, through research and use by sports people, that these rollers help to better maintain muscles by alleviating niggles, tightness and stiffness. They are a great substitute on a more regular basis for sports massage and have […]

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