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Preventing Osteitis Pubis and Common Football Injuries

Osteitis Pubis (OP) is a condition caused by repetitive stress to muscles that attach in the groin area, causing pain with simple daily movements and activities over the pelvis, hip and groin. Depending on where you live, the condition can also be referred to as Gilmore’s Groin, Groin Disruption, Inguinal Disruption, Sportsman’s Groin, Sportsman’s Hernia, […]

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How to recover from a marathon

For the average person, running a marathon, such as the Virgin Money London Marathon, will most likely leave you feeling exhausted, both physically and mentally. Having crossed the line, the feelings of elation can quickly turn to pain and tiredness, and within a day or two you might even feel a bit worse.

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How to utilise Grid in Gym Environment?

Are you a gym chain or club looking for a Gym Floor solution for injury prevention that will keep your members coming back each week? Then we have the solution for you with TriggerPoint Foam Rollers. These products are designed to work on Self Myofascial Release for Pre-gen and Re-gen to keep your members body […]

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Sports diet Live On The Edge

Sports diet and nutrition tips 

We asked Glasgow-based dietitian Nathalie Jones for her top tips for sports nutrition. These tips are aimed at athletes who enjoy running, cycling, swimming and triathlon. Keep track: Make notes of your food and drink consumption during the days or weeks leading up to a race or time trial.  Nathalie says: “There will be foods that work […]

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Epic new ultra run comes to Scotland

It doesn’t seem to matter how long and tough these races are, the demand for ultra running events just keeps on growing. In Scotland there’s a growing list of challenging off-road ultra running races and now the grand-daddy of them all has arrived.   The Cape Wrath Ultra 2016 is much anticipated and offers entrants […]

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How to get fit for a skiing holiday

You could head off for a ski holiday without doing any specific fitness training. You’ll probably manage a day of full-on and exhilarating skiing – and then collapse in exhaustion and moan about aching legs, arms, back, neck and head. Come day two, you’ll be grimacing through the pain in your muscles, and by day […]

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