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Sports Recovery Advice

Top Tips for Best Sports Recovery

We are becoming more aware as athletes as to the importance of recovery in sport.Sean McFarlane is a coach, journalist and accomplished athlete based in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Putting BLACKROLL and RockTape to good use this season to combat a series of sports injuries, Sean offered up some his top recovery tips for us to share.


1. Good Sleep

Immediately after a big event or effort, the body’s intense recovery process can interfere with sleep, so don’t be alarmed if you fail to sleep like the proverbial baby straight away. But in the days and even weeks after do all you can to ensure plenty good shut eye. Early to bed, no overly late eating, a quiet bedroom and quality pillows and mattresses all help.

2. Active Recovery

Total rest, especially over a period of time is seldom a good idea for those of us that have athletic lifestyles so try and incorporate at least a degree of gentle active recovery. Yoga and stretching are great as is flat biking smooth biking along something like a cycle path. Swimming is also very worthwhile. Avoid full bearing activities like running though particularly in the early stages.

3. Nutrition

Your body needs all the help it can get during the recovery process so ensure you give it plenty of proper nutrition. You’ve heard it before but fresh fruit and vegetables are vital. Fish is great too. If you have supplements that you know work for you then use them as all.

4. Hydrate

Keep a glass of water handy as much as you can and sip it regularly. Flushing things out is all important and doing so properly after a big day can take several days.

5. Cravings

If you have cravings, give it to them within reason. The odd pint, bag of crisps or bar of chocolate is fine and will give you a welcome mental boost. But know when to stop!

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