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What is the new GRID® STK?

Most people are now familiar with foam rollers and the general concept of rolling out muscles. It’s been shown, through research and use by sports people, that these rollers help to better maintain muscles by alleviating niggles, tightness and stiffness.

They are a great substitute on a more regular basis for sports massage and have the convenience of being easy to transport, whether you’re at home, at the gym or away on business or holiday. 

TriggerPoint™ Performance Therapy is one of the big name brands in developing foam rollers and a range of other muscle relieving gadgets. You may well already be familiar with the GRID Foam Roller. Now the company has introduced a new product, the GRID STK.

The GRID STK is designed with the same GRID 3D surface that is seen in the GRID foam roller. The 3D surface helps to better replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hand. Take a look at the design to see how this works.


The 3D surface also offers targeted relief to muscle aches and pains thanks to its channelling effect. The design of the gadget allows for increased blood flow to muscles that are rolled by channelling nutrients directly to the tissue. It’s clever stuff and it does work!

What the hand-held GRID STK offers in addition are AcuGRIP handles that allow for easy rolling of muscles. The great thing about a GRID STK is that you can roll your muscles while sitting and standing up. 

The handles also have another purpose: They can be used themselves for acute myofascial release. Simply press and move the rounded handle on a particularly sore muscles point, such as those often found around the neck, for immediate pain relief. 


As Cassidy Phillips, Founder and CEO of TriggerPoint Performance Therapy, so succinctly puts it: “The GRID STK is an evolution in foam rolling. We took the technology of the GRID foam roller, which is globally known for its innovative approach, and carried it into the hand-held market. 

“The GRID STK is travel-friendly and allows you to take the pressure from the floor to your hands. Now anyone, including those who are unable to roll out on the ground, can get relief from minor aches and pains.” 

GRID STK in pictures

imgres-1 imgres-2

These images show how versatile the GRID STK is. You can use it in some many ways and on a wide range of muscles throughout the body.

The GRID STK is also sold in two density versions:  Regular and extra-firm “X”.

Other things you should know about GRID STK:

  • Water-resistant
  • Simple-to-clean
  • Easy to carry in your gym bag or holiday suitcase
  • Backed by a one-year warranty.

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