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When holidays do not go as planned… Use RockTape

Em, Teeney and Charlotte had a grand plan to cycle from John o’ Groats to Land’s End, better known as the JoGLE. In fact it was Em’s idea, in celebration of her forthcoming 40th birthday. But it was her leg that almost ended the trip.

The first few days of the holiday went well. The women had been training hard in their local areas of Yorkshire and London and they felt prepared for the big mountains of the north of Scotland. They had not expected the sun to shine or the scenery to be so spectacular but these were rewards for the long climbs in the Scottish Highlands.

The average mileage each day was 75 miles, which is hard going when carrying all your kit in panniers, and towards day four Em’s knee began to cause her some pain.

But she’s a determined person and she didn’t want to give in. So she stretched out the muscles on her leg as best as possible, iced it and rested when she could. 

By Glencoe, the pain her knee was so bad she was forced to give up on the day’s ride and watch as her two friends cycled off without her. As luck would have it she managed to get a lift from a West Highland Way luggage transfer company to Glasgow, where the three women had planned to stay overnight with a friend.

Understandably upset but still keen to rejoin her friends a day later, Em booked in for a sports massage and found a therapist to tape her sore leg (and shoulder) with RockTape).

Em, of Leeds, says: “I have no idea why I should be so badly hit by this injury because I put in the training and the daily mileage is within my capabilities. I guess it’s just one of those things.

“Perhaps it is the cycling with the extra weight or the long climbs in the highlands that has affected my leg. Or the day after day of all-day riding?

“However, a good but painful massage of my IT band has helped to ease the pain. I have also spent a day off my feet and icing the injury.

“In addition, the RockTape has been put on my leg to offer support and to hopefully relieve the strain on the outside of my knee.”

RockTape video for General Knee Pain

The women ride on

The following day, with the bright pink RockTape in place below her cycling tights, Em set off again with Teeney and Charlotte for the day’s cycling to Lockerbie and then southwards into Yorkshire.

Keeping the pace fairly slow and the cadence fairly high, Em was pleased to find she could ride without the same level of pain. She began to tire towards Moffat, some 16 miles short of Lockerbie, and the irritated knee flared up again so she made the decision to stop and get a lift to the overnight accommodation.

Em says: “I think I did well, with my injury, to reach Moffat. The RockTape definitely helped, as did the sports massages. I also noticed that the RockTape on my shoulder helped to reduce the usual pain that I get there from longer bike rides.

“I will be continuing and trying to do as much of each day that I can. It’s bad luck to be hit by injury but hopefully I’ll make it in the end.”

RockTape for General Shoulder Discomfort

Ride the JoGLE

If you fancy riding the JoGLE or the LEJoG (Land’s End to John o Groats) see these various sites for further information. Don’t forget your roll of RockTape!

For routes and information see www.cycle-endtoend.org.uk and www.rideacrossbritain.com.

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